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Ideal Truck for International Trips

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Just ordered a V1 and am having a heck of a time finding a truck that meets the following specs.  Our first international trip is going to be to South America.


Does anyone have any advice on these specs (including long bed vs. short bed)?


2004 - 2007 5.9L Dodge Ram 3500


Long bed

Under 100K miles or under 50/60K miles if it's a dually

No performance modifications (which would indicate it's been run hot)

No winch


Also, I'm looking on autotrader.com and cars.com.  Is there anyplace else I should be looking?



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Craigslist.  You can narrow the search criteria and expand the region. Not quite as likely as auto trader but you might get lucky. You used to be able to set up a search and it would notify you if something new fit your search but haven't used that in quite a while. Good luck.

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Welcome to the search for the Unicorn! There were several better options in the US than in Canada when we were looking. One will turn up eventually. Washington seemed to have quite a few, I think they brought them over from Canada cheaper and seel them there. Washington (state) always seemed to have 3 or 4. Maybe the got them from BC and sold them for more in the US.


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How long have you been looking???


While we were at XP picking up our camper, we met the owner getting the unit after ours.

He had picked up a used Dodge like you are looking for.   I believe it was a dually w under 50K miles.

Manual transmission, Cummins, really looked clean.

He mentioned it took him looking hard for three months before this truck popped up.  He lives in North Carolina and found it in Arizona.



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