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Skylight and Rear window replacement

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I have no experience with them, but in discussions on Expedition Portal these windows seem to get some positive feedback for value and quality vs. the Dometic replacement:




I don't know if they have a like-size replacement hatch or not, but a call to them would answer that. We're in Southern California with a similar heat issue. Although the skylight still operates it can become way too hot to touch or operate, particularly with the shade closed and heat building between the shade and the acrylic. We had to cut a piece of light colored sunbrella fabric about 12" larger (both dimensions) than the skylight. We sewed 2" patches of velcro on the corners and stuck corresponding velcro on the roof. It only goes on when it's parked in the driveway but cuts all of the heat that used to bake the skylight. If you do something similar put a reminder on the steering wheel when the cover is in place so you don't drive with it on, lose the cover, have your wife roll her eyes at you and have to make a new cover. Not that I did any of that.

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