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Cooktop Ceramic Broken

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We apparently left the cabinet door above cooktop unlatched when we lower the top, the door opened and jammed against the cooktop and broke the ceramic.  The good news is that it continues to work fine.  I'm considering replacing it before we leave for Mexico, I have the repair manual and it kind of details the procedure.  Has anyone replaced the cook top and can you describe your experience?

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Yep did the same, shattered the cooktop and broke the door off. Ordered glass top replacement kit through XP. The problem was removing the glass, it took awhile, I made 2 small plastic wedges to lift the glass just a enough to fit a razor knife between the glass and metal lip on the stove (one of those cheap orange knifes with long replaceable blades). I vacuumed up all the glass and some of the high heat packing fiber. I was able to find some packing fiber at the local hotsy dealer. Replacing the glass top was easy. Pay attention to everything below the glass.

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