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Wheel recommendations for a new V1 on RAM 3500

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I picked up some brand new Powerwagon wheels for $400 off a guy who had to "upgrade" the wheels in his new truck. They keep the stock back spacing but have a small bead lock on the inside that helps when airing down. Marc recommends a little less back space to give the camper more stability in the rear. I'm not sure how much.

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Depends on how you plan to use them. 20x11 Hutchinson DOT approved Beadlock rims lets you run 37x12.50R20 or 40X15.50R20LT Nitto trail grappler or Toyo open country MT. Rickson has great options for super singles in 245/70R19.5 or 225/70R19.5 letting you run Continental HDR/ HSR or Michelin XDS2/ XZE2 but the Conti's are 87 mph and the Michelins 75 mph and not great for airing down.

My pick would be Hutchinson DOT bead locks and 37x12.50r20 Toyo open country MT rated 126Q (3,700 pounds and 99 mph). 40X15.50R20L is 130Q (4,100 pounds and 99 mph). I'd love to run Conti MPT 81 335/80 R 20 in mud, sand, snow, and rock then drive the Conti HDR/ HSR combo home.

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Interested in what people are choosing to go with steel, forged, what kind of offset, etc....



I can only share my experiences w a 2016 Ford F-350.


The stock rims were just right for the stock truck, 40mm offset.


I put 35" Toyos on the stock rims, and it looked good.


Then I took the bed off, and Marc put on the truck tray.  The truck tray was wider than the stock bed, and it didn't look so good.  It needed rims that stuck out further.  So I replaced the stock rims with aftermarket rims with zero offset.  They stuck "out' about 2" more.  They were perfect for the truck tray.  But now they stuck out a little too far in the front.  So I put fender flares on.


A long journey, but I'm really happy with the final look.  I thought I remember that most rims were rated at 3,400lbs per, unless you got real expensive.



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