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Rolling cart for camper storage

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I have started making a cart to store the camper. The truck is just too fabulous to use for camping only. XP made a lumber rack and drop sides for me. The jacks that are supplied with XP are tall enough to lift the camper on a huge truck but they can only lower the camper so far and then it can't move around. My cart will have built in jacks from Horrible Fright at the corners to lower the camper the rest of the way to store in a garage. The camper must be fully supported to prevent sag. The bottom of the camper is not exactly flat. The center and front edge are stepped down to fit the flatbed. The cart must match this step. I am making the cart long enough in front to store my cargo box too. That will also give more support to keep the camper from tipping. This cart will be strong enough that we can be inside and prep for a trip without having to be on the truck. I will post more photos as I go along.


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Very nice XPCart. A lot of work but it will be worth it. A flat bed truck can be so useful. "Horrible Fright"! HA, I'm going to steal that line.



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Roll the cart under then jack it up to the camper.



The floor has plenty of support to walk inside and jump up and down.





I extended the cart in front to support the storage box and keep camper from tipping if someone jumps on the bed inside.



Keep the casters up so it won't roll around in the wind.





It looks so much smaller down here.






Next I will paint it and isolate the aluminum from the steel cart.



A good project always starts with a good set of plans!


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