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Fun time on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica

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We had a blast in Costa Rica.  There is a ton of off-the-grid free camping, and it was amazing!


As some of you know, our blog (songoftheroad.com) is a bit behind of where we actually are on the road, so even though we are now in Colombia (getting ready for another adventure in the Guijara Peninsula), our Costa Rica posts are just now hitting!


As expected, the XPCamper was amazing during our time on the Nicoya Peninsula.  I've attached some pictures of the camper on the Nicoya peninsula and here are some direct links to our Nicoya Peninsula posts:


Part 1: http://songoftheroad.com/2014/07/costa-rica-nicoya-peninsula-part-1/


Part 2: http://songoftheroad.com/2014/07/costa-rica-epic-overlanding-nicoya-peninsula/


And just visit our normal site:



to check out part 3 (with one of my favorite camp sites ever!), which will be publishing in the next couple of days!


Here are a few pictures of our camper on the Nicoya:


Our first beach camping spot:



XPCamper goes swimming:



XPCamper tackles some mud:



We're not just driving on the beach..  this is where the road actually goes :)






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