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  1. Thoughts on the new GM Medium duty as a XP camper platform. I could see a HD 4500 with SRW conversion and flatbed being a good set up with the Duramax Allison combo plus rear air suspension and 4x4 as options. http://gmauthority.com/blog/gm/chevrolet/silverado/2019-chevrolet-silverado/2019-chevrolet-silverado-medium-duty-trucks/2019-chevrolet-silverado-4500/ http://media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/home.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2018/mar/c-4-5-6.html
  2. Wheel recommendations for a new V1 on RAM 3500

    Depends on how you plan to use them. 20x11 Hutchinson DOT approved Beadlock rims lets you run 37x12.50R20 or 40X15.50R20LT Nitto trail grappler or Toyo open country MT. Rickson has great options for super singles in 245/70R19.5 or 225/70R19.5 letting you run Continental HDR/ HSR or Michelin XDS2/ XZE2 but the Conti's are 87 mph and the Michelins 75 mph and not great for airing down. My pick would be Hutchinson DOT bead locks and 37x12.50r20 Toyo open country MT rated 126Q (3,700 pounds and 99 mph). 40X15.50R20L is 130Q (4,100 pounds and 99 mph). I'd love to run Conti MPT 81 335/80 R 20 in mud, sand, snow, and rock then drive the Conti HDR/ HSR combo home.
  3. RAM 3500 vs FORD F350, decision time

    Our business has had great experiences with Ford dealers and service. Ram has abysmal service departments and the sales process is a nightmare. The Ram and HD Aisin is a great package but I'd much rather deal with Ford. This may be particular to our area but every time I've visited a Ram or Chrysler dealer they use all the cliche sales tactics... what can we do to get you to take home a vehicle... With Ford we have a business sales rep and with other cars we've gone through internet sales so that may be a good tactic if you go Ram.
  4. Thanks for the info Chuck. I did mean gross vehicle weight rating GVWR. We do want to be safe and under max weights so 12k GVRW and 4k payload or more sounds like the minimum. Window sticker of 5500 http://www.chrysler.com/hostd/windowsticker/getWindowStickerPdf.do?vin=3C7WRNEL3HG514306 Window sticker of 3500 http://www.chrysler.com/hostd/windowsticker/getWindowStickerPdf.do?vin=3C7WRTCL4HG705708 RAM 5500 CHASSIS LARAMIE CREW CAB 60"C/A 4X4 http://www.davesmithmotors.net/new/Ram/2017-Ram-5500+Chassis-8167289c0a0e0a1739fb5aa37fec2590.htm http://www.carlburger.com/new/Ram/2017-Ram-5500+Chassis-3e71af910a0e0adf39e443c9959398b1.htm For 55k you can get the single cab and a shorter wheelbase less than many of the 3500's go for http://www.ramtrucks.com/inventory/vehicle-details/?modelYearCode=IUT201718&vin=3C7WRNBL0HG591431&dealerCode=41080&radius=25&matchType=X&statusCode=KZX 3500's http://www.davesmithmotors.net/new/Ram/2017-Ram-3500+Chassis-394e91ea0a0e0adf39e443c99c9b0c11.htm http://www.davesmithmotors.net/new/Ram/2017-Ram-3500+Chassis-bced88250a0e0a1733aaeffa3261802b.htm
  5. Thanks, Chuck, and no worries that you are not Marc. I've been reading the Truck Discussion, and this thread may relate more closely to that thread. We discussed weights, and 12k+ GVRW with a 4-5k payload should handle the truck tray, suspension mods, and larger wheels/ tires. The suspension mods and 37x12.5x20 vs. 245/70R19.5 vs. ? is a different discussion as is finding the N speed rated (87 mph) or higher tires that will handle extended 75-80 mph runs on pavement and tough offroad use and airing down. Our rig will be titled as an RV and non-commercial and the 10k GVRW looks like it's designed to avoid commercial DOT regs that kick in at 10k GVRW. And we want to keep weight about 10 percent below the max GVRW. Here's what we found: Ram 3500 Crew 8 foot bed Aisin Auto 4x4: 5,750 payload plus/ minus a few hundred pounds depending on trim. Ram 3500 Crew Chassis 172.4 inches Aisin Auto 4x4: 4,500 to 6,00 payload depending on set up (super single conversion may reduce payload) Ram 5500 Crew Chassis 173.4 inches Aisin Auto 4x4: 10k payload (super single conversion may reduce payload) 2006 pre-emissions International 4300/4400 Crew Cab 4x4: 18-20k payload We're also open to an F450 (but wondering about the 6.7 Scorpion), the GM 3500 (but wondering about the 90 percent new Duramax), and other suggestions. And wow that Atego 1023 4 x 4 would look great with a flatbed and XP camper is appealing as are so many other Euromarket vehicles. We're in the planning stages and have a year or two before retirement. So you may see me lurking around here and asking questions. Plus our hard to sell vacation property is still on the market, and that has to close before we have the funds for this build.
  6. I've been following the history of XP since articles started appearing about a new camper built by a chef started appearing in 2010 or so. I also follow Expedition Portal, Overland Journal, and like to view your site to see what's new. The V2 is to small for us loaded we'd easily exceed the weight, the V1 and Ram 3500 hits the Goldilocks spot, and the Ram 5500 and similar may be too much truck. Here are a few questions for you: For mounting a V1 camper what are your thoughts on the Ram 3500 SRW Chassis Cab Crew Cab 10k GVRW 4x4 vs a DRW that will be converted to super singles? I believe this has the standard track vs the wide track of the 5500 making lockers and gearsets more available. Any problems mounting a V1 to this length chassis (other than the turning radius of an aircraft carrier and taking up twelve parking spaces)? Maybe even some room between the cab and camper to mount spare tires or tool boxes? Have you worked with Ram's that have AEV parts especially the Prospector and Prospector XL with AEV's dual sport suspension set up and Bilstein 5100's? Or do you have similar options from your Turnkey packages? My concern is the AEV suspension off road set up may be too soft to support the weight of the V1. We want to avoid airbags or limit bags to a secondary system since the build is designed for extended overland travel. For quality and durability, any reason to go Ford 350, Silverado 3500, or step up to a 550 or 5500? And how to your clients handle high sulfur diesel countries? Are they able to get an off road or export exception that allows disabling EGR, DPF, DEF, etc. while using high sulfur diesel? We enjoyed seeing your rigs at Overland Expo last year and will try to make this year's expo. Thanks for offering a great option for those of us in the US. Europe is awash with companies building expedition rigs, but not many options exist here. We did look at Earthroamer (to0 big and too expensive) and Tiger Adventure but fit and finish while better that past years isn't up to our expectations. And we want to stay in the 160k range and definitely under 200k. Dylan