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  1. Ideal Truck for International Trips

    Craigslist. You can narrow the search criteria and expand the region. Not quite as likely as auto trader but you might get lucky. You used to be able to set up a search and it would notify you if something new fit your search but haven't used that in quite a while. Good luck.
  2. Keys

    I'm crushed by your mistrust of the rest of us (and will be looking at re-keying). I saw you put the truck step on. I looks great. Do you like it in that spot? Does the door deflect at all when using it? We're still toying with where to mount one. Paul
  3. I have no experience with them, but in discussions on Expedition Portal these windows seem to get some positive feedback for value and quality vs. the Dometic replacement: https://www.ternoverland.com/eurovision-roof-hatch I don't know if they have a like-size replacement hatch or not, but a call to them would answer that. We're in Southern California with a similar heat issue. Although the skylight still operates it can become way too hot to touch or operate, particularly with the shade closed and heat building between the shade and the acrylic. We had to cut a piece of light colored sunbrella fabric about 12" larger (both dimensions) than the skylight. We sewed 2" patches of velcro on the corners and stuck corresponding velcro on the roof. It only goes on when it's parked in the driveway but cuts all of the heat that used to bake the skylight. If you do something similar put a reminder on the steering wheel when the cover is in place so you don't drive with it on, lose the cover, have your wife roll her eyes at you and have to make a new cover. Not that I did any of that.
  4. The Truck Is Ready

    Hi Chuck, Glad to hear you got it and all the lift bugs are worked out. It was great hanging out with you guys in Asheville. Next time we're though Colorado we'll let you know and maybe grab dinner. Paul & Lori
  5. Macerator pump relocation

    Great, thank you!
  6. Macerator pump relocation

    Glideking, I have a couple questions on your Velcro post a while back. My permissions got goofed up so I can't PM you so I'm hoping you'll see a post here. The Velcro in our V1 is doing what yours did. Did you use the original velcro the came on yours or did you buy new. I couldn't tell in your post if you cleaned both fiberglass surfaces (left and right) or cleaned both the fiberglass and the back of the velcro. If you cleaned the velcro what did you use. I have the glue, just want to use a cleaner that I know will work so I don't reinvent the wheel you already had dialed in. Thanks! Paul
  7. The Truck Is Ready

    One of the big considerations for us was fuel economy. I don't think that the slightly better fuel economy will ever pay for the extra up-front cost of the diesel engine. It's that the 2-4 extra miles-per-gallon add a lot of range on a tank of fuel. We average right around 14 MPG with the V1 on and loaded (2011 F350 diesel). A friend with a similar F350 gas engine gets around 9-11 under similar conditions, sometimes less. Even assuming a 3 MPG benefit, that's 180 miles of extra range with our 60 gallon tank. If you're not planning a lot of long back country treks that may not matter. It gives us some extra comfort and confidence knowing that range is there. With the fuel economy that some of the Dodge 5.9 Cummins folks are seeing that range is even greater. I think Marc said he got 18 MPG in a customers Dodge going from Grass Valley out to Overland Expo a few years ago. Your Mileage May Vary, Paul
  8. Mojave Road

    We're in Rancho Cucamonga, in Southern California.
  9. Mojave Road

    X2 on Dennis Casebier's book. He has a 3 book hardcover edition that's well worth it if you can find it. Touring the sites of the former military camps along the route is much more interesting with the information Dennis has compiled including the friendships of the military officers in that area who knew they were heading to opposite sides as the Civil War approached. It's a route we've done several times, including in our V1, and always enjoy. Don't skip any of the short side trips Dennis describes. Paul
  10. V2 Chevy Colorado

    Minnesota?! That's funny. We had the same type issue buying a truck for our V1 a couple years ago. We wanted an extended cab one-ton truck so we'd have room for the dog in the cab but a 14" shorter wheelbase than a crew cab. Extended cab in newer trucks took Dodge out so we were looking at lightly used Fords. Extended cab is surprisingly unusual in California and much more frequent back East. After a long search and finding a perfect truck in New York and with shipping costs over $2,500 it was worth a flight out and a quick drive back. If only we could have had the XP for the road trip back. Good luck and enjoy your new XP. Paul