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  1. There is no hitch included with the flatbed. You'll need to provide one on your truck.
  2. Steps handle

    Marc should hire you as Chief Innovator!
  3. Enthusiast soon to be Owner - NoParticularPlaceToGo

    You might see ours there getting the flatbed and other work when you pick yours up.
  4. Enthusiast soon to be Owner - NoParticularPlaceToGo

    Welcome Gerhard! Great story about how to came to choose an XP. Your dually looks strangely familiar. Ours is a 2007 (5.9L). Our camper is on order. How far along is yours?
  5. Nomads365 Truck Build

  6. Wife says a hoodie. Or a lightweight jacket. Maybe fleece. And another vote for a Hydro Flask and high quality travel mug that fits a Dodge drink holder.
  7. The Truck Is Ready

    It's a nice feature. Don't know about later models, or automatics vs. my manual, but it seems to work fine. It just forces the engine to work a bit during the warm-up idle. No objectionable noise either. Video here showing it on a truck like mine.
  8. The Truck Is Ready

    I just see it as free braking power. Mine is wired to go off when either the gas or clutch is used so it can pretty much remain on all the time, though I don't do that. I just use the gear shift mounted switch when needed. You can also use the brake to warm up the engine faster when it's cold out...just leave it on while the truck is idling. I read it in my brake manual so it must be right!
  9. Lockers

    You can see the factory build sheet using this link at Dodge. http://www.dodge.com/webselfservice/dodge/index.html On the left side of the page look for the "Your Vehicle" section, then select the "Equipment Listing" button. This will take you to a box to fill in your VIN number. It will create a nice PDF with the factory build info. Be sure to save it for later use. I used this to look up the factory build for a truck I was interested in. Looking at Carfax it showed the vehicle had originated in Canada (which I verified using the build sheet) but had later been sold used and imported into the states. When I went to look at the truck I noticed the speedometer was in MPH with KPH in small numbers, the same as what we see here in the states. As the build sheet indicated it was built-for and delivered to Alberta Canada the speedo should have been in big KPH numbers and small MPH. The dash pod had been swapped at some point, thus I didn't trust the indicated miles and made a hasty retreat away from the dealer (he was clueless about all this of course).
  10. The devastation to the spillway at Lake Oroville is almost unbelievable. For perspective, a friend of mine said he believes the spillway vertical walls are 40' high! California really dodged a bullet on this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyvDPt-HU3g
  11. Overland Expo West 2017

    Well, it turns out we won't make it after all. The weekend of the Expo is the same as Northern AZ University graduation, and almost all the hotel rooms in town are booked, or cost $200/nt. We're going to have to pass this year, but then attend in our camper in 2018. Y'all have fun!
  12. Lockers

    Interesting. I take it both the limited-slip portion and locker only works when 4WD is engaged? I'm planning on a free-spin hub kit as well.
  13. Lockers

    I'd love to hear/read more about this one. Have any details or links to share? We have a 2007 Ram 3500.
  14. Rear Seats

    On our 2007 Dodge Ram 4-dr quad cab we'll be leaving the seats in, but folding them up. The longer one on the passenger side will be used to hold our ARB fridge. The driver's side one won't have a real purpose other than space for a passenger (grandchild, etc.) when needed or gear with the seat folded up.