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  1. XP is born

    Marc, Is this for 'Ovis' ?
  2. Tires, Sizes and brands?

    FYI, checked with Les Schwab (several hundred miles from me) and the sale was 10% off, with a quote for 285/75/18 at $1499 out the door in limited stock. I was able to get a good deal with my local Toyo dealer direct. They said that the 285/75/18's are on back order as well but they worked a little magic and they'll have them in a couple of weeks. Sometimes it's good to live in a small town.
  3. New license plate

  4. New member new camper new truck

    Congrats on the new ride it looks great!
  5. Webasto Cooking Tips

    Ketasissi, Love to keep it simple. I like the holder you have inside the door , any details?
  6. New Owner!

    Doug, Pebbles and XPCamper #2...don't think it can get any better for the Holidays. Congratulations, you both wear it so well!
  7. Gizmag article

    Congrats Marc and crew ..well done and well deserved!
  8. Webasto Cooking Tips

    Just an FYI for those interested in the COBB grill. The U.S. distributor closed up shop in November so the supply is limited. Accessories and optional cooking items are getting very hard to find. COBB On!!
  9. Flatbed walkaround on a longbed Dodge 3500

    DROdio, FYI, the video comes up as private.
  10. New member new camper new truck

    I believe the space for the tire carrier/storage box comes with the extended aluminum long bed that Marc can build. I don't believe there is a large space between the XP and the cab with the factory long bed only longer storage boxes and less "overhang" in the rear due to the axle placement with the long bed.
  11. I agree, just curious as to where you would even install it.
  12. Marc, The a/c is interesting. Where will it be mounted/installed ?
  13. DSC01024

    Thanks. It was a tough decision but with the new frame and suspension upgrades with the 2013 it should be worth it. I had looked at a Cab Chassis but the payload dropped to 2900 going with a SRW (my standard 3500 has 4300 payload) and although the dually would certainly up the payload, for me the cost, weight, and service of the super wides (super singles) was more than I cared to take on.
  14. 2013 3500 Big Horn Ram

    Excellent. Looking forward to your posts. Remember, travel safe and travel far and above all stay low and avoid the radar!