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  1. Rolling cart for camper storage

    Anyone interested in selling one of these rolling carts or building one for me? I'm in SoCal but don't mind a bit of a drive to pick up something.
  2. Bike Storage

    Do you have shelves, drawers or any storage system or is everything just stacked in there?
  3. Wheel recommendations for a new V1 on RAM 3500

    I picked up some brand new Powerwagon wheels for $400 off a guy who had to "upgrade" the wheels in his new truck. They keep the stock back spacing but have a small bead lock on the inside that helps when airing down. Marc recommends a little less back space to give the camper more stability in the rear. I'm not sure how much.
  4. Definitely a t-shirt Mugs or travel mugs would be nice if they're high quality. I don't like most of the cheapo travel mugs most people give out. I'd pay for a good one. Patches are pretty popular right now I've seen a lot of folks doing nice stainless steel hydro-flask equivalent vacuum sealed bottles.
  5. Lockers

    Typically you wouldn't lock the front only, even with limited slip in the rear. Front lockers are only usable in extreme conditions most people won't ever take a truck camper. You can drive with the rear locked on a variety of surfaces and you probably wouldn't notice except on sharp corners. Using front lockers on anything resembling a road will result some violent behavior from the steering wheel due to the wheels being forced to rotate at the same speed. The differential is designed to accommodate the differences in path of travel around corners. With the front locked, the tires need to be able to spin to lose traction in corners. If they have traction, the truck will always attempt to drive in a straight line and you will have to fight that tendency with the steering wheel while the truck tries to jerk it out of your hands and go straight. I plan on doing a fair amount of back country trails that will require some rock crawling. That's probably the only time I will actually use my front lockers, and even then I'd rather never encounter a trail where I have to engage them. I'm not even sure they'll be effective given the weight of our rigs. But better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them. My build sheet confirmed I did not even have limited slip in the rear, I had completely open diffs, so I had to do something. The cost difference to add front lockers made it worthwhile but if I had some sort of traction controlled differential in the rear I probably would not have added the lockers at all. I've already taken my rig places most others won't bother with and it did fine with open diffs, likely because of the weight, and 25 years of off road driving.
  6. Not sure if it's related to the storms but XP Camper appears to have been hacked by the Russians! In all seriousness, I can't speak for the exact conditions there but the shop sits most of the way up a hill so they shouldn't have any flooding. Some of the employees were evacuated from their homes at times, though, which is a different problem.
  7. Lockers

    Just had them installed in mine, front and rear, and used them on my first drive away from Marc's shop. I happened to be in his ice/snow covered driveway but they worked like a charm. They'll give me the freedom to go where I want to go with extra insurance that I'll come back. Between the Maxtrax, winch, winch anchor, and lockers, if I get stuck I defer even what I've got coming.
  8. The Truck Is Ready

    We still use our flatbed too much right now but in a few years when we go full time, our first stop will be to get our XP appliances plummed to the 62 gallon tank for the truck rather than the 3 gallon. Then I can carry two Scepter cans of diesel in the fuel compartment which will easily put my range over 1000 miles in a pinch.
  9. Mojave Road

    We'd be interested, depending on timing.
  10. Mojave Road

    I didn't realize there was another so close! We're just "up the hill" in Victorville, soon to be moving to Apple Valley.
  11. Mojave Road

    It's a great drive, easily covered in three days but you could spend a week if you go slow and explore. Be careful of the dry lake at the far western end. Depending on recent rain, like now, it may not be as dry as you think all the way across. I'd highly recommend the Mojave Road Guide by Dennis Casebier. It's a great guide to the road and it's features and history.
  12. Overland Expo West 2017

    What are you camping in these days, Mike?
  13. Baja California in XP V2

    Nice looking rig. I like the way the V2 fits on that Tundra.
  14. Overland Expo West 2017

    Fairly simple discussion starter. Chime in if you're going. When are you arriving? Leaving? Where are you camping? What route are you taking? Some of us could meet up to drive there and camp together. I know Marc and the gang from XP will have a booth and some sort of new bling to show, they always do!
  15. Charter Membership Will Close on May 31st 2013!

    It would be nice but keep in mind there are a grand total of 39 owners to date, at least as of late December when I was last in Marc's shop. This forum has less than 300 users accounts so assuming all owners are members (doubtful) that leaves about 260 or so "fans", lurkers, former owners, future owners, etc. who don't have much to post about. The bulk of the owners are out happily gallavanting around the world in their fantastic campers. I'll have a new mod post after I pick my rig up in about two weeks. As for "Charter Member" status on the forum, all it gets you a a nifty badge below your avatar, which I seem to have now lost.