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  1. The Truck Is Ready

    rGreat idea. I think someone posted back a year or so ago about stepping on the rear tire to get in.
  2. The Truck Is Ready

    Love the exhaust brake. Especially on long downhill passes.
  3. James Young has set up a Facebook page for XP owners only. It's a great place for us to quickly share photos and information.
  4. Bike Storage

    Hey Doug: No shelves. Just stacked semi clutter. Easy to get to everything except maybe the hi lift which is on the very bottom. There's still enough room for the dog to hop over into her bed in the back.
  5. Overland Expo West 2017

    Love to do it but have a concert on May 16 and wouldn't be able to get back home in time to play it.
  6. Bike Storage

    I've now added an inflateable 2 person and dog kayak to the back seat storage including two piece paddles and pfd's. Plus a sand anchor and there is still room for more. Cindy got a Montague folding street bike which goes in along with my Bike Friday Silk. It's a big load of your mind not worring so much about theft and the elements.
  7. Who has been there? Looks pretty neat on google earth as does the little beach at the end of Red Hill rd.
  8. Mojave Road

    Allowing two months August/Sept. Might start a little early and stay a little later depending on weather and mosquitos.
  9. Lockers

    The more research I do on lockers the less inclined I am toward ARB. Compressor, air lines, and other parts that can fail if not installed correctly. Detroit Truetrac looks a lot simpler.
  10. Lockers

    I was just looking at truetrac lockers at Summit Racing and it looks like there is a locker for AAM rear diff.
  11. The Truck Is Ready

    Call me stupid. I've been driving my truck for over a year and alway thought the exhaust brake was used when pulling a trailer.
  12. Lockers

    They call the diff "anti spin" which is supposedly thebsame as limited slip.
  13. Lockers

    t I used this link and got 7 pages of info on my truck. Thanks for posting.
  14. Mojave Road

    Canada and Alaska summer 2017 for us.
  15. Clean air intake for Ram diesel

    I've actually noticed a difference in mileage since Marc installed a snorkel on my 2015.