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  1. Congratulations & thank you Sam & Erica for sharing your adventure with us! It's been a pleasure following your travels on songoftheroad.com. Your posts were not only well written with amazing photos, but also very entertaining and informative.
  2. VW XP Camper

    LOL, good luck on the hills!
  3. Turn key rigs

    I think those are 19.5" wheels. Limited tire options, as you know. Bolt pattern wouldn't work, but maybe they could accommodate with a bolt pattern for your Dodge.
  4. Short vs Long Wheelbase

    Welcome to the forum, LaMarmota, and congrats on your V1 order! The only real advantage to the short wheelbase is the tighter turning radius in tight spaces. It doesn't sound like that will be a big issue based on where you'll be going, but if you're used to driving hatchbacks, you may appreciate the tighter turning radius the shorter wheelbase has to offer. Apart from that there are probably more advantages to having the longer wheelbase, most of them storage related. Bigger storage boxes under the bed, a storage cabinet between the cab and camper if you want, a larger aftermarket fuel tank. Most tight turns can be made by doing a three point turn if necessary, so it's not like you're not going to get there. You may get a better idea just by test driving both short and long WB trucks. Try parking them in a parking lot stall, that should give you a good sense of the difference between the two.
  5. Question on Bead-lock wheels

    2900 lbs load rating is a lot lower than I'd like to see given the load you'll be carrying Joe. I'm sure there's a considerable safety margin, but if you go with a non-beadlock you could get a wheel with a 3500 - 3640 lb rating. If traction is a concern, have you considered an air locker in the front axle or in both axles?
  6. Best wishes to Marc for a speedy recovery... hope it's nothing serious.
  7. What diameter tires do you have on your truck Sam?
  8. Price.

    The V1 has a water tank at the very front of the camper, so no pass through is possible without relocation of the tank (see pic. below). Considering a full water tank is over 600 lbs, it needs to be forward of the rear axle. With a different layout a pass through could be possible, but there are couple of things to consider. To make a pass through practical for easy passage you would have to cut a bigger hole in the back of the truck cab. Then you need a boot of some sort to seal between the camper and cab, one that could accommodate camper removal yet still keep water out. Then, when you remove the camper, you would need covers to cover up the big hole in the back of the truck and in the front of the camper. It makes sense for a camper that stays on the truck full time, but IMO its a lot of messing around to make it work if you're removing it frequently.
  9. Price.

    One thing about a pass through is that it leaves you more susceptible to break-in and theft from the camper unit. Thieves need only to smash the side window of the truck cab to then gain easy access to the camper. One of the nice things about the XP is that, when the top is in the down position, it would be very difficult for a thief to gain entrance to the camper as all the windows have the lower wall sections in behind them. This would give me considerable peace of mind. Anyone who's parked in a remote parking lot to go for a hike, or left there vehicle in some questionable location while away from the vehicle knows the unease caused by the potential of break-ins.
  10. Price.

    Davespark, I think you'll find that as you dig deeper into researching campers that you'll find the XPCamper is good value. It may seem expensive compared to your typical high production campers, but they are worlds apart. When you start to compare it to Sportsmobile or Earthroamer as DROdio points out, you start to get a clearer picture I think. The Earthroamer XV LT starts at $260,000 (including truck), most units are probably rolling out the door at over $300,000 with added options. It's not really comparing apples to apples, but then that's hard to do with the XP, there's nothing quite like it. Regarding cab to camper pass through, I don't know of any removable campers that offer this option. Sure, many have windows at that location, but not big enough for access. To make the pass through practical in a pickup truck, you'd have to remove the center console between the front seats and add a seal between the truck cab and camper and probably cut a bigger hole in the back of the cab. But then, after all that, you're left with a camper thats not easily removable. As with all campers/camping rigs, there are tradeoffs.
  11. Turn key rigs

    How do you figure the camper will be around 2000 lbs wet? Base model weight according to Marc is 2250 lbs dry. http://forum.xpcamper.org/index.php/topic/133-how-much-does-the-xp-weigh/?hl=weight
  12. V1 Screen Door

    That screen looks great!!! Thanks for posting the pic, Sam!
  13. Turn key rigs

    One thing I would do for sure is to find out the weight of each option, both the wheel and the tire together. It may make your decision a whole lot easier if you find out the MPT81 option is too heavy. Outbackamper makes a good point, you can always change out the wheels later if you're not happy with the choice you go with.
  14. V1 Screen Door

    Have any V1 owners worked out something for a screen door? Are there any plans for incorporating a screen door into future V1 units? It's just so nice to have the door open with a screen door when weather permits, adds light, ventilation and is just one of those things I find pleasant while camping.
  15. Turn key rigs

    For the Continental MPT 81 size 275/80R20's I've only seen them on Rickson Wheels. They are too narrow to fit on 1stattack wheels, you'd have to move up in size to the 335/80R20's, too big for a one ton truck IMO. Those wheels are also not DOT approved, at least not as of a year ago. You'll get many more miles from the 19.5" tires than you'll get from the MPT81, probably around double. I've never run a set of MPT 81's so I can't give my opinion on them, just wanted to suggest it as a possible option. Any significant change in tire size would require recalibration of the speedo, this can easily be done with a programmer. The programmer will give you better fuel milliage as well.