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  1. Cooktop Ceramic Broken

    Yep did the same, shattered the cooktop and broke the door off. Ordered glass top replacement kit through XP. The problem was removing the glass, it took awhile, I made 2 small plastic wedges to lift the glass just a enough to fit a razor knife between the glass and metal lip on the stove (one of those cheap orange knifes with long replaceable blades). I vacuumed up all the glass and some of the high heat packing fiber. I was able to find some packing fiber at the local hotsy dealer. Replacing the glass top was easy. Pay attention to everything below the glass.
  2. Why I choose XPCamper

    Thanks Kurt! Went to Grass Valley just before Thanksgiving, we just had to confirm what we already knew was going to happen. It didn't take long to settle on the V1, We wanted a dual purpose rig, hard sided popup camper, off road durable, self contained for long periods and no propane tanks, plus a few other things.....That pretty much narrowed the field to XP, plus they're really cool looking. Truck - 2015 F350 Lariet crew cab, long box.
  3. Why I choose XPCamper

    Hi, Sandy and Irv here (aka: MontanaXP). We just ordered a V1 (is it done yet?). We're transitioning from BMW Adventure bikes and want to stay light and nimble. The ground is harder as we get older; camp set up isn't as fun; it's damp and wet because you can't make a fire; leaving a camp for a long hike, with a thousand expensive little pieces of super light weight camp gear, and the list could go on and on.......(ok dammit!! we're justifying to ourselves, why we want the V1)..... It's a search for everything you dream of wanting to do, without the hassle of having to make a plan of when and how much. Don't ever worry about pay back in your life adventures. If you want it, you'll always find a way to justify/pay for it. Blah...blah....blah....where else you going to find a camper like this? BTW is ours done yet? This is why we chose XPCamper........The End Some folks refer to badges, what are badges?