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  1. XP Rear Window Photo Series

    Wowzers; awesome. Keep the pics coming please!
  2. Clean air intake for Ram diesel

    Wow thanks for posting. Keep the Ram pro-tips coming, please!
  3. Replying so I can subscribe to this thread to see the results! I am in a similar situation except I have four adults and one child to figure accommodations out for. I have recently purchased an Adrenalin camping trailer and figure that I will use that for my in-laws who will be traveling with us, but would love to hear about the bunkbed option for our child. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Change the forum format

    Hey Paul I haven't decided against an XP Purchase by any means... it's just that I'm working at a startup and have sadly had little time for overlanding, so I haven't pulled the trigger on the XP yet, although I still have a deposit in place with Marc for as soon as startup life lets up a bit (and I haven't sold the dually, although I may end up upgrading to a newer one by the time I get the XP). But yes, I did originally help Marc set this forum up, since I'm such a huge XP Camper fan. I also showed Marc how to take videos with his phone and post the to YouTube (and then, to the forum). Marc is so busy that he has a hard time putting content on the site and responding to questions on the site, which is really what it would take to make the forum lively (and Marc's product is so awesome that it would be really great for his biz as well if he had someone helping him post content and answer questions on the forum). So if anyone out there wants to do some social media help for XP, I'm sure he could really use that. (I wrote a post over here on Expedition Portal about how important it is for fabricators making amazing products to dedicate a bit of time to getting the word out: http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/77391-My-New-American-Built-Adrenalin-Rush-Preview-and-Review?p=1848082#post1848082
  5. V2 Tundra anyone?

    Hey Wolfbro, are you referring to a V1 or V2? The V1 is more like 2,600 lbs. You can get the details here: http://forum.xpcamper.org/index.php/topic/133-how-much-does-the-xp-weigh/ Sadly the Tundra doesn't come close to being able to carry a V1. But maybe you're referring to a V2? I don't know what that one weighs. Maybe 840 is right for that, although it seems like it'd be more.
  6. I know, right? No way I'll ever sell it at that price. Guess I'll just have to get an XP Camper for it after all
  7. I'm reluctantly considering selling my 2008 Dodge Ram Dually, with a Cummins diesel, 8' bed, Laramie trim (leather, power & heated seats, nav, XM/Sirius, etc). My plan has been to put an XP Camper on the back, and I still want to do that. I just haven't been able to get away from my work in order to start traveling (*sigh*) and we just moved to a new property with limited parking. I'm definitely aware that I'm asking a premium for the truck, as it's in pristine condition, only has 60k miles, and has never been used for any type of hard towing. If nobody wants to pay my asking price, then I'll just keep it and use it as motivation to get on the road ;P Here's the Craigslist ad w/ a bunch of pics, and a few are attached here too: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/4987073246.html Let me know if you're interested. I figure if I have to sell it, it might as well go to someone who could use it as a platform for their XP Camper. You'll notice the license plate of the truck even says "XP Panda" on it -- a nod to the black & white look the truck would have w/ an XP on it.
  8. 2015 Overland Expo West

    I'm hoping to go!!!
  9. Low Sulfur Diesel in South America

    Sam, really appreciate you posting that.... and bummer! It's 2015! Please do let us know what else you see. Oh BTW, how much more expensive was it?
  10. New XPCamper factory

  11. XPCamper 2015 Calendar

    So cool -- I just ordered one!!!
  12. Bike Storage

    Kurt -- LOVE the idea of a modular box! Definitely let me know how that goes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Turn key rigs

    Yeah you're right they are 19.5. It's strange that they would put those on that camper since the tire pressure cannot be lowered. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Bike Storage

    I definitely don't want to do a trailer. Even if just because of the lowered speed limits. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Turn key rigs

    I just ran across these rims from ATW Australia: http://allterrainwarriors.com/accessories/ They're rated to an incredible 13k lbs each!!! Anyone ever seen them in person? Seems like they might be good for my Dodge 3500 dually conversion... The Fuso runs them w/ Toyo tires (not sure what type exactly)