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  1. AMP Research Power Steps

    Passenger side AMP step stopped working. AMP has a troubleshooting flowchart on the internet. I called them after doing the tests and they sent me a new redesigned controller no charge. All is good!
  2. Steps handle

    Added a strap handle to pull steps out. I filed the sharp corners of the steps to protect the strap. 3/16 aluminum pop rivets and washers. I should have done this a long time ago. I can pull them out with one hand now.
  3. Macerator pump relocation

    I used the original velcro and did not remove the old adhesive from the cloth.
  4. Macerator pump relocation

    I have always had trouble with the macerator pump not priming and just sucking air. It helps if I park the truck with the front passenger side tire low to tip the tank into the corner that has the outlet. This camping trip I could not get the pump primed at all. The manufacturer of the Johnson pump says the pump should not be run dry and to mount the pump below the tank. I took the pump apart and lubricated the impeller then I relocated the pump as low as possible. All is good now. The pump is always primed and pumps the tank out like never before. It is a lot quieter too. I still need to make a mounting bracket and glue that to the floor.
  5. XP Camper sleeps five!

    Our truck seats five people so why not sleep all five? We are going on a short trip with some of my adult children. We are going to some cold high altitude places so I made room for all to be in the heated camper at night. Warmer trips we all sleep outside. There is a wood cover for the sink, not shown. We only use the air mattress for the plywood bed. The regular bed has 1 1/2 inch memory foam on top of XP bed. When not used the small sheet of plywood stores in the truck box. I screwed a strip of aluminum to the edge of the ply to rest on the counter then covered all that comes into contact with the camper with cloth so as not to wear on the camper. Held by "T" nuts on the bottom. A cloth covered block of wood attached to the plywood rests against the shower keeps it in place. The fifth person sleeps on the converted dining table as normal. A sixth person could sleep on the floor as long as we all don't have beans for dinner.
  6. I had some ground clearance issues that started this but a forklift at the Ram dealer finished the job of ripping off the lower part of the bumper and breaking the license plate frame. They offered to have it repaired but I opted to relocate the sensors instead. I don't use my bumper storage so I moved them up there. I will have a better departure angle so less likely to scrape again. There is not enough room for the license plate under the opening drawer and being scraped off by the ground so I moved it up to the drawer. The bumper is too thick to snap the plastic rings on so I made detachable plates to mount them. They are much easier to service this way. Law requires the rear plate to be lit so I installed a light above the drawer. The wiring does not have to move with the drawer this way. I relocated the backup camera from below the drawer to above. I angled it down and made a sun shade protector for it. I drew a black line on the bumper visible in the camera to help guide me to the trailer hitch. My camper sees a lot of rough conditions. The higher ground clearance and the camera being in a better position to keep an eye on the rear will make it more fun.
  7. Teapot to Standing Rocks road, Canyonlands, Utah

    My truck is a long bed with an extension for the extra tool box behind the cab. Trucks without extra box should have no problems on this road. I doubt plastic tracks could hold the weight of my fully loaded camper. Piling up rocks was fun and works very well.
  8. Slide out steps stuck

    My steps were sliding easily before. This was a solid 10 days of off road. I have noticed the white gel coat being sanded off by the steps anti skid tape too. Perhaps some thick smooth tape on each side of the tread will keep them from rubbing.
  9. Velcro tip

    The finish on the inside walls is durable and easy to keep clean but the velcro adhesive does not stick to it well. Can't have it have it both ways? I will. I masked off around the velcro before taping it to one side. Cleaned both surfaces with solvent and sprayed several coats Scotch 90 on both surfaces. Now I can rip the velcro open as fast as I want without fear of it coming detached from the wall!
  10. Slide out steps stuck

    The last day of our Utah trip the steps would not come out. It would move a little and get stuck. I removed the camper to see if there was anything I could do myself. There was nothing stuck in there but I did see this gouge in the side track. A bolt had vibrated loose and was jamming into the track. I could not get the steps out to tighten the bolt. I had one last thought before taking it back to XP. I slid the steps out what little I could and drilled a hole to get the allen key in from the outside. Now with the bolt tight I can take the steps out and add some thread locker to the bolts. Happy day! Hope this helps others.
  11. A post to see if I can learn how to post a photo. The only way to drive to the main camping spots in The Maze is to take the only road. The road, if you can call it, that is the most time consuming 10 miles I have ever been on. There were many ledges that required ramp building to traverse. You can see in the photos the black marks of spinning tires and many bumps and scrapes by other vehicles that came this way. With the slight lift kit, larger tires and pressures down to 35 psi on all fours the truck had no problem crawling slowly up and down the obstacles. The rear toolboxes on our truck have a very nice departure angle but the rear bumper eliminates that advantage. The backup sensor bar took a hit and was destroyed. I plan on moving the sensors and license plate onto the flatbed and taking the bumper off for next time.
  12. AMP Research Power Steps

    I had to disconnect my Amp steps because the installation to the trucks diagnostic port is not legal in California. It would not pass smog.
  13. Why I choose XPCamper

    Welcome to the club. Wow you sold the sprinter after only one minute! Kurt
  14. Speedometer Calibration for Larger Tires

    Just camping in places nobody else can follow!