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What is the XPCamper (and how do I buy one)?

Posted by admin , 24 December 2012 · 12,724 views

What is the XPCamper (and how do I buy one)?
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New to XPCamper? Here's what you need to know:

XPCamper is an expanding, exploration pop-up camper designed for the overland adventurer. A flatbed replaces the standard truck bed giving you additional storage space and makes installation and removal of the camper quick and easy. The XP shell is a fiberglass and carbon composite, seamless, monocoque (frameless), pop-up design that creates less drag while driving. With the touch of a button, the roof raises to full standing height.

Convenient, compact and easy to drive, the XPCamper takes truck campers to the next level. Whether you're going on an expedition across a continent or to the local state park, you'll travel in comfort and style and be confident you'll be camping worry free.

Here's why XPCamper is awesome:

  • Water is any camper's biggest enemy: Eventually, water will cause just about any camper to give up the ghost. Even the most sturdily constructed campers have places where water can work its way into the camper shell. Not so with the XPCamper. Its composite monocoque shell is a vacuum-bonded fiberglass and kevlar structure that is impervious to water. Even if water were to enter the inside of the camper, it would not damage the structural integrity of the camper shell. This means your XPCamper will provide you many years of faithful service without succumbing to water damage.
  • Marine-grade components: You won't find any fuses or typical RV materials inside the XPCamper. XP uses a marine-grade breaker panel, single-source fueled Webasto, and other marine-grade components. This means that your camper is over-engineered for any environment on the planet.
  • Stay on that deserted beach of beautiful spot for up to 75 days! The XPCamper's fresh water tank is an incredible 75 gallons. Compare that to 10 to 30 gallons on a typical pop-up camper. Not having an ample supply of fresh water is the main thing that will force you to leave that beautiful spot you've found. With the XPCamper, a single person consuming one gallon of water per day can stay boondocked for 75 days -- that's over twice as long as with any other pop-up camper! Two people can stay out for over 30 days. Now you can enjoy that remote destination without worrying about your water level.
  • Easy on & off: The XPCamper easily comes on & off your truck, allowing you to use your pickup as a daily driver, and then drop the XPCamper onto the flatbed when you're ready for your next adventure. This is one of the best things about having an XPCamper -- you have a luxurious "home away from home" when you want it, and a regular daily driver truck when you don't. You can keep the camper fully stocked but off the truck so it'll only take you a few minutes to drop it on when you're ready to go on your next adventure.
  • Copious storage: The XPCamper has so much storage, you may find yourself having trouble filling it all. Especially when you compare the XP's storage to other pop-up campers, you'll find the difference staggering. This is due to two main factors: First, the XPCamper was designed from the ground up as an expedition-ready camper. This means that every available nook and cranny was turned into a storage compartment. Secondly, because the XPCamper sits on a custom flatbed that's installed on your truck, the flatbed itself provides a lot of storage, including locking storage boxes and a large drawer that pulls out from the back of the flatbed.
  • Made to be lived in, with the luxury of home: The XPCamper is truly a home away from home. The single-source fuel design utilizes a Webasto heater for both hot water and temperature control. A benefit of this forced-air design is that you even get heated flooring! A casette toilet design means you don't have to find dump stations; just pull the casette out and dump it in any toilet. The enclosed shower includes cedar flooring. The sink includes a "push with your hip" switch on the front of the counter that allows for quick & instant water delivery without having to use your hands (this saves water usage as well). The mattress is ventilated with a special European spring system to virtually eliminate any chance of mold accumulating under the mattress. When the camper is down, the windows are covered by the bottom half of the camper shell, making forced entry extremely difficult (and unlikely!). The flatbed contains an air compressor and tank which allows you to quickly and easily air up & down your tires and even use air power tools out in the field. All of the locks on the XP's exterior lock & unlock with the push of a button. You'll find many other thoughtful design tweaks like these in the XPCamper. It was made for being lived in... and enjoyed.
  • Passionate community and manufacturer: The XPCamper community knows something most others don't: That the XPCamper is re-defining the sub $100k expedition-ready camper category. Our passion level for the product, along with the attention to detail and quality of the manufacturer means you'll be joining a community of people that will support you on your next adventure.

What does it cost?

The 2012 MSRP for the XPCamper is $58,875, plus $9,950 for the custom flatbed that's installed on your truck by XPCamper. You can find the full price list right here, and attached to this post. Throw in a few options + the cost of a used 3/4 ton pickup truck (like a Dodge or Chevy 2500 or Ford F250) and you can have an expedition-ready camper for under $100k.  If you want to buy an XPCamper, just fill this form out and we'll priority-connect you directly to the manufacturer.

An XPCamper will cost you 1.5x to 3x as much as other custom-built pop-up campers. When you are comparing the XPCamper to other alternatives, keep the points above in mind, and feel free to ask lots of questions on this enthusiast forum about how the XPCamper compares. We expect that you'll find, as we have, that the XPCamper is in a category of its own and the value it provides is priceless. You can find a post here from member DROdio evaluating various pop-up camper options and coming to the conclusion that the XPCamper offered the best value in the "expedition ready" category.

What's the relation of this blog to XPCamper?

This blog is 100% enthusiast-run, comprised of XPCamper owners and fans. It's a place to get information on anything XPCamper related.

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