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  2. Rolling cart for camper storage

    Anyone interested in selling one of these rolling carts or building one for me? I'm in SoCal but don't mind a bit of a drive to pick up something.
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  4. Thoughts on the new GM Medium duty as a XP camper platform. I could see a HD 4500 with SRW conversion and flatbed being a good set up with the Duramax Allison combo plus rear air suspension and 4x4 as options. http://gmauthority.com/blog/gm/chevrolet/silverado/2019-chevrolet-silverado/2019-chevrolet-silverado-medium-duty-trucks/2019-chevrolet-silverado-4500/ http://media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/home.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2018/mar/c-4-5-6.html
  5. Will an XP fit into a shipping container?

    I have the same question as Thomas (post #15). XP has a height of 105" according to Marc. The entry door height of a high cube container is 102". So an XP won't fit in a high cube container. I'd do RORO instead but the shipping agent is telling me we will need to take everything out of it before we do that which won't work since we're bringing 2 bikes and lots of gear to South America with us. What are we missing?
  6. I imagine there have been other posts on this topic but does anyone have advice on how to insure our V1 in Central and South America? What types of insurance are realistically available? We will be traveling through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Thanks!
  7. We are planning on shipping our new V1 to South America for a year. Has anyone recently shipped a vehicle from the US to Buenos Aires or from Colombia back to the US and have any advice on agents/companies to use for shipping? Thanks!
  8. Ideal Truck for International Trips

    How long have you been looking??? While we were at XP picking up our camper, we met the owner getting the unit after ours. He had picked up a used Dodge like you are looking for. I believe it was a dually w under 50K miles. Manual transmission, Cummins, really looked clean. He mentioned it took him looking hard for three months before this truck popped up. He lives in North Carolina and found it in Arizona. Chuck
  9. Ideal Truck for International Trips

    Welcome to the search for the Unicorn! There were several better options in the US than in Canada when we were looking. One will turn up eventually. Washington seemed to have quite a few, I think they brought them over from Canada cheaper and seel them there. Washington (state) always seemed to have 3 or 4. Maybe the got them from BC and sold them for more in the US.
  10. Ideal Truck for International Trips

    Craigslist. You can narrow the search criteria and expand the region. Not quite as likely as auto trader but you might get lucky. You used to be able to set up a search and it would notify you if something new fit your search but haven't used that in quite a while. Good luck.
  11. Just ordered a V1 and am having a heck of a time finding a truck that meets the following specs. Our first international trip is going to be to South America. Does anyone have any advice on these specs (including long bed vs. short bed)? 2004 - 2007 5.9L Dodge Ram 3500 Manual Long bed Under 100K miles or under 50/60K miles if it's a dually No performance modifications (which would indicate it's been run hot) No winch Also, I'm looking on autotrader.com and cars.com. Is there anyplace else I should be looking? Thanks!
  12. Keys

    I'm happy with the location. I've used it a couple of times. It is basically in the same place where you put your foot if you just open the compartment door, like you showed us at OE..... But now I can use it to enter the camper, and sleep in it, and no door is left hanging open... :-) I discussed this a bit w the guys at XP when I was there. They cut me a quick backing plate out of some aluminum scrap. I think it helps mitigate any door deflection. The step was stainless, ordered on Amazon. Just under $25 I think..... Chuck
  13. Chuck's Pics

  14. Keys

    I'm crushed by your mistrust of the rest of us (and will be looking at re-keying). I saw you put the truck step on. I looks great. Do you like it in that spot? Does the door deflect at all when using it? We're still toying with where to mount one. Paul
  15. I have no experience with them, but in discussions on Expedition Portal these windows seem to get some positive feedback for value and quality vs. the Dometic replacement: https://www.ternoverland.com/eurovision-roof-hatch I don't know if they have a like-size replacement hatch or not, but a call to them would answer that. We're in Southern California with a similar heat issue. Although the skylight still operates it can become way too hot to touch or operate, particularly with the shade closed and heat building between the shade and the acrylic. We had to cut a piece of light colored sunbrella fabric about 12" larger (both dimensions) than the skylight. We sewed 2" patches of velcro on the corners and stuck corresponding velcro on the roof. It only goes on when it's parked in the driveway but cuts all of the heat that used to bake the skylight. If you do something similar put a reminder on the steering wheel when the cover is in place so you don't drive with it on, lose the cover, have your wife roll her eyes at you and have to make a new cover. Not that I did any of that.
  16. The frame inside the skylight distorted from the AZ heat while camper was closed. INot repairable. Shade on the rear window won't retract, despite disassembly and repair. Can you recommend replacements?
  17. Keys

    While I fully trust all you other XP owners.... :-) I wasn't a big fan of the use of the all too common CH751 key. I finally had a chance to drive the truck/camper down to my favorite locksmith. I removed the five exterior compartment latches and the barrel lock from the truck tray. The locksmith rekeyed all six locks for $60 (and that included 5 new keys). I then reinstalled them in the camper and drove home.... In and out in less than an hour..... It's a nice feeling to know that there are no longer any CH751 locks on my truck/camper. Chuck
  18. Post your blog URL in this forum

    We bought a V2 earlier this year and have been travelling almost non-stop ever since. So far we've covered a lot of North America and will soon be heading down to Central and South America. You can read more at www.ourpangaea.net. Cheers, Bill and Julie
  19. There is no hitch included with the flatbed. You'll need to provide one on your truck.
  20. The Truck Is Ready

    Raceline wheels. Toyo Open Country tires. I went with the mud terrain version. They clear better in snow..... Chuck
  21. The Truck Is Ready

    The top of the rear tire is one step..... The step I added is another.... And the inside bottom edge of the wheel is another.... If your wife has short legs, you need multiple steps.... :-) Chuck
  22. The Truck Is Ready

    ".. I took off the stock tires (rated at 3,400lbs each) and put on 35" Toyos (rated at 4,100lbs each) .." What wheels / Toyos did you go with?
  23. The Truck Is Ready

    Hi Guys. There was mention of a Ram MegaCab further up this thread. I am not sure those work, Marc said 'choose anything Dually, SRW, Crew Cab, Quad Cab ... but not a Megacab'. I think the Megacab eats too far into the space for the V1 to sit behind it.
  24. The Truck Is Ready

    rGreat idea. I think someone posted back a year or so ago about stepping on the rear tire to get in.
  25. The Truck Is Ready

    A big thanks to you guys for spending time with us and offering tips and suggestions on "living" in the XP!!!! If you find yourselves anywhere near Colorado, let us know!!! A side effect of getting the camper is that my dining room table is buried in maps. Alaska 2018!!!! :-) One of the things we talked about in Asheville was getting into the camper when pulling out the stairs isn't possible. Here's what I ended up doing: :-) Stainless steel folding truck step. I used an aluminum backing plate (thanks XP!) to reduce flex in the door. Chuck
  26. The Truck Is Ready

    Love the exhaust brake. Especially on long downhill passes.
  27. The Truck Is Ready

    Hi Chuck, Glad to hear you got it and all the lift bugs are worked out. It was great hanging out with you guys in Asheville. Next time we're though Colorado we'll let you know and maybe grab dinner. Paul & Lori
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